Since the beginning we specialized in the design and development of Unicycles and Unicycle spare-parts for COMPETITION, where every detail is studied for the best efficiency and performance.

Over the years we developed 6 different types of hubs, 34 types of cranks (5-Pin, 6-Pin Short, 6Pin Long, 10-Pin isis Compatible, ISIS), most of them designed and produced in by CNC mechanical Centers in Italy. MAD4ONE is the concrete result of this continuous technical research and improvement.

High quality and innovation, together with flexibility in offering as much as possible tailor-made Products. This is the spirit of our Company, this is the spirit that gave life to MAD4ONE.









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Direct Sales, direct Customer contact
We design and develop our Unicycles. We know every little detail about them and we are always at your disposal, before and after your purchase.

The best Quality for the best Price
Direct Sales means no middlemen between Producer and Customer. This enable us to offer you better quality for the price you pay.

Tailor-made Unicycles
We will do our best to build your unicycle as you like.

Your satisfaction means everything for us. We are proud to put our know-how at your disposal, to make sure, you will be happy for long time.